Tekstvak: Fortify among the youth of our schools the feeling for a European identity by the discovery of the principles on which the European people have decided to settle their political union: The respect of human rights, the principles of democracy and a sense of social justice. 
Commit ourselves to developing relations and activities with other communities to promote their integration and their development. 
Give a particular attention to the values contained in principles like peace, tolerance, freedom, solidarity and promotion of the human person. 
Understand and appreciate the European richness that constitute the cultures, traditions and the languages. 

Improve the knowledge of the historical, cultural, economical and social aspects of the European countries. 

Promote the communication between the schools from different European countries in creating links with other languages and other cultures, while still promoting our environment and cultural patrimony. 

Promote the use of new technologies as a means of easy and permanent communication, to reach the mentioned objectives. 

Promote the increase of the exchanges between the respective actors of the associated schools: students, teachers, personnel and directions. 

Elaborate and fulfil common multidisciplinary projects which suppose the participation of the students in the concerned schools.
Allow periodical stays and meetings to exchange ideas and educational and formative experiments. 

Tekstvak: Creating a feeling of European awareness has been the aim of International Education for more than 15 years.
We therefore established next objectives in our mission: 

Tekstvak:  International Education

Mastering European Citizenship. Developing global activities.



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